Building Project

God has provided an incredible opportunity for us to expand our facilities.  We have the opportunity to add a wing onto the back of our current structure.  Normally an expansion like this would easily cost $300,000.  However, due to our partnership with ReachGlobal and other ways in which God is providing, we will be able to complete the project with our cost being only $70,000!  God is good!

Person discussing Bible with another person at table

For the near term, half of the new facility will be used for our Youth Ministry.  A fantastic space will be created for our youth to gather in on Sunday mornings to learn about God, as well as it being a great space for our youth to gather in at other times during the week.  The remaining part of the new wing for the short-term will be used for our hurricane relief efforts led by ReachGlobal.  When the hurricane relief program is over, we will be able to capture that additional space for our mininstry use.  It will be a great space for an adult class as well as small group fellowships.  More importantly, we will then be able to reconfigure our exisiting facility to create visible, impactful space for our new and improving Children's Ministries.

This is an amazing, unexpected opportunity!  We believe that it is an incredible provision given by God.  Please prayerfully consider giving financially for us to raise $70,000 for the completion of this project.