Hurricane Harvey Relief

As a church, we have partnered with Reach Global, the emergency response arm of the EFCA, to respond to the needs created by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.  Our church was spared the catastrophic damaged by only a margin of about 10—15 miles.  That was all that separated us from the 145 MPH winds.  

Since we were spared, we want to help those who weren’t.  Already our church family has gutted and cleaned up 1st Baptist Port Aransas so that they can continue to meet.  We have moved into the homes of individuals gutting, mucking, and cutting drywall.  Later we will move into the rebuild stage.  We are working in Rockport, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass and other places.

More than that, for the next 6 month (and probably up to 2 years) we will be hosting volunteer work crews from around the country.  From Sunday-Friday we anticipate having crews of 25-50 sleeping, eating, and showering at the church.  On weekends there will be more.  For instance, one weekend we will host 100 college students from San Antonio. 

Before the storm, our church didn’t have a kitchen.  But now we have put one in to feed people.  Before the storm, our church we didn’t have showers.  But now a 4-stall shower has been built in a portable shed on the church property for work crews.

It is a huge task for our church.  But we believe that God spared us so that we can be used to rebuild homes and lives.

Money donated to this fund will be used to help us cover some of the expense in hosting the hundreds of volunteers who will be doing countless hours of relief work.