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3.15.20 The Wall Came Tumblin' Down

Eph 2:11-22

As spectacular as it was to see the Berlin Wall come crashing down, an even more spectacular collapse has taken place. Another wall; higher, stronger, more resilient, more impenetrable; another wall has come crashing down. A wall that had caused even more separation than the Berlin Wall has been torn down, not brick by brick, but in one fell swoop it was knocked down.

3.8.20 Humpty Dumpty & Me

Eph 2:1-10

Like Humpty Dumpty we have all had a great fall leaving us twisted, shattered and broken. But unlike Humpty, it is possible for us to be put together again.

3.1.20 Heart Condition

Mark 4:1-23

As followers of Jesus, we should be prepared to share the gospel regardless of the outcome.


2.23.20  Knowing God

Eph 1:15-23

• This is why we have been know God.

• Jesus says this is life know God.

• This is what brings Almighty God the greatest delight...when we come to know Him.

IDENTITY THEFT: Embracing Who We Are in Christ

2.16.20  Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Eph 1:13b-14

The Apostle Paul makes some rather incredible statements about who we are in Christ. But how do we know this is true? How do we know this is for real? How do we know that all of this has taken place? How do we know that this is our spiritual identity? We need to know. If God really means all this, then there are astounding ramifications. We need to know for sure. We know that God’s promises are true because he, too, has signed on the dotted line. We know his promises are true because he has given us his Holy Spirit as "the guarantee of our inheritance."

2.9.20  Heirs

Eph 1:11-13a

Can you imagine receiving a registered letter informing you that you have been given an inheritance you never knew anything about? Truth is, a letter has been written to you, notifying you about an amazing inheritance that has your name written all over it.


Eph 1:9-10

I’ve got a secret. Actually, it isn’t my secret; it’s God’s secret. In Ephesians 1 we are going to see that Almighty God has a secret. And far from being a secret that is to remain hidden, this is a secret that is supposed to be told. This secret is just too good to be kept.


Eph 1:7-8

What is your greatest need? Health? Money? A restored relationship? These are all important needs, but hot our greatest need.

1.12.20  ADOPTED

Eph 1:5-6

What does it mean that we have been adopted into God's family? How did this happen, and why would He do it?

1.5.20  CHOSEN

Eph 1:1-4

Spiritual Identity Theft occurs when the Evil One strips away from us the truth of who we are in Christ.  It is an identity theft that occurs when the evil one gets us to believe that we are something other than, different than, less than all that we have become because of our relationship with Christ. We no longer know who we are.

THE REAL JESUS: A Study in John 1-6

12.8.19  Storm Watch

John 6:16-21

There are times when we need to see him. We need to know he is there. There are times when the darkness closes in when life takes a sharp, unexpected turn, when we go through a rough patch that seems to have no end; times when we need to see Him.

12.1.19  There IS a Free Lunch

John 6:1-15

The disciples had a problem; and in overestimating their problem, they underestimated the resource available to them--the presence of God.

11.24.19  How May i Help You?

Ex 3:1-22

On mission for God.

11.17.19  The Lord of Time & Space

John 5:16-47

Yogi Berra famously said, "It ain't braggin' if you can back it up." Jesus Christ made an outrageous claim...and He back it up. And because he backed up his claim, we have a decision to make.

11.10.19  The Lord of Time & Space

John 5:1-15

The "Marathon Monk" walked/ran almost 25,000 miles in order to be spiritual. Certainly this tragic example of a Japanese monk is extreme. From the comfort of our lazy boy recliner we can see the fault. We can see the error. He was too religious for his own good. Sometimes, however, it is harder to see the same fault in our own lives. It’s much harder to understand how easy it is to slip into the same kind of wrong thinking; not to the same extreme, but in the end just as wrong. What was the wrong thinking of the monk? He thought that his relationship to God depended upon his efforts, his works, his strenuous activity; what he did do and what he didn’t do. Sometimes it is easy for even well-intentioned believers in Jesus Christ to think the same thing. No, you won’t find them running marathons in the mountains for seven years. They don’t have to. They have their own list of rules and laws, their own strenuous codes of conduct by which they must live.

11.3.19  The Lord of Time & Space.

John 4:43-54

Our faith may not often be strong, but it shouldn't be stagnant. God has a way of growing and developing our faith, especially when we see who Jesus is.

10.27.19  What Could Be More Important Than Food?

John 4:25-42

We love food. Think of your favorite food. Steak perhaps, or Thai green curry, or ice cream. Have you ever realized these things; these savory delights are good gifts from God. But as delicious, and appetizing and as satisfying as food is, there is something more important. This is the way Jesus said it. “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

10.20.19  Satisfying the Thirst

John 4:1-24

Sometimes worship just doesn't work. We try to connect with God, but he seems distant. We need Him, but he doesn't show up. What can we do when worship doesn't work? The good news is, we do not have to work harder to pursue Him, because He is pursuing us.

10.6.19  The Best Man

John 3:22-35

He is a man who got it right. He is a man who understood that when we place our faith in Jesus Christ, when we see the real Jesus and believe in who he is, it changes everything; our purpose, our priorities, our passions. He got it right, but he also knew it wasn't easy. His name is John.

9.29.19  House Cleaning

John 3:1-21

The truth is, we were all headed the wrong direction. The truth is, we were all headed to hell. And the sad truth is, there are folks who are right now in that very predicament; headed to hell, but numbed to the reality of where they are going. But the good news is, you have the opportunity to change course; the opportunity for a new life.

9.22.19  House Cleaning

John 2:12-25

In pre-marital counseling I always try to spend some time with the couple asking, “What is it that makes your fiancée really happy?” That list is usually long and mushy. And then I ask, “What is it that makes your fiancée really angry?” You see those are two very important pieces of information to know about someone that you are trying to be very close to. I suppose as we have tried to be close with Jesus, we have figured out a lot of the things that make him happy. But what is it that makes him mad? Really mad.

9.8.19  The Open Bar

John 2:1-11

Why did Jesus turn the water into wine? It probably wasn't because He just wanted people to enjoy the wedding reception with a glass in their hand. I don't think He was just showing off His newly discovered super-power by performing His first miracle. But why did He do it? Why did He do this? What do we learn about Jesus in this miracle?

9.1.19  The Voice

John 1:35-51

For many believers, one of the most frustrating parts of our spiritual life involves the 'E'-word; Evangelism. We know it is important. We know we are to do it. And we know it can be difficult. In John 1:35-51 there is encouragement that God uses different forms of evangelism and different styles of evangelists. There is encouragement that we too can be involved in evangelism.

8.25.19  The Voice

John 1:19-34

The message is more important than the messenger. We see this concept in the life of someone who understood the truth perhaps better than anyone else. He knew he was just the messenger. What’s important is the message. His name was John.

8.18.19  The Time Traveler

John 1:1-18

Sometimes the best way to spot a counterfeit is to know the genuine. We need to know the real Jesus, because this world is filled with counterfeits.


8.11.19  ....And We Need Him

Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd.....and so much more. 

8.4.19  ....And We Need Confidence

Psalm 20

What works when life doesn’t? You see, there are some things we need in life. If these things are present, then life is good. But if these things are missing, life can become a grind. So far we have talked about needing, Happiness, Peace, Forgiveness, Purpose, Safety, and Answers. In Psalm 20 ,we see that one of the things we need in life for life to work well is confidence; a confident faith.


7.30.19  ....And We Need An Answer

Psalm 13

We hate to wait. But often God calls us to wait. ...Wait...... Wait............... Wait........................... and we start to get more than just a little uncomfortable. We wonder, what is going on. We wonder, who messed up. We wonder, why doesn’t he do something. Afterall, he’s right there. When we wait, we need an answer.

6.16.19  ....And We Need Security

Psalm 11

Sometimes life doesn’t work because we are fearful. Things start to get scary. Things get scary and life doesn’t work the way it is suppose to. We are scared. We need a place to run and hide. Life doesn’t work and we need a place of safety. We need security. Where do we go to find safety and security when life doesn’t work because we are afraid?

6.9.19  ....And We Need Purpose

Psalm 8 

There are times when life just doesn’t seem to work. We wonder if we have a purpose. We wonder if we are of value. We want to know that we are important. Wait until you see what God says about you in Psalms 8.


6.2.19  ....And We Need Forgiveness

Psalm 6 

Sometimes life doesn’t work because we have blown it. We’ve messed up. We’ve broken the rules. We have sinned. Sometimes life doesn’t work because it is our fault. The question is, “Where do we go to find forgiveness?”

5.12.19  ....And We Need Rest

Psalm 4 

Nothing is better than a good night’s sleep, and yet some times that sleep just doesn’t come. In Psalm 4, David should not have been able to sleep, yet he fluffs up his pillow, he says “Now I lay me down to sleep”, and he drifts off in to a calm, quiet, peaceful, restful, sleep. We are going to look at a night when everybody else around David’s campfire was stressed out and sleepless, fearful and frightened, discouraged and depressed--they could not sleep. Yet in the background we can hear David snoring.

5.5.19  ....And We Need Joy

Psalm 1

SERMON STARTS AT 13:20      We are on the pursuit of happiness.  Yet, in the pursuit of this unalienable right, many have taken a wrong turn.  The joy isn’t there.  The happiness has eluded us.  Instead, our road has taken us to a dead end.  And so we ask ourselves--why doesn’t it work?  Why am I not joyful and happy as I thought I should be?  The problem is, in the pursuit of happiness we may have taken the wrong road.  In Psalm 1 we see two roads which leads to two ends.


4.21.19  RISEN:  V-i-c-t-o-r-y!!!

1 Corinthians 15:50-57

What gives a widow strength as she stands beside a freshly formed grave?  Why would anyone who is disabled be encouraged when they think of life after death? How can we see past the martyrdom of believers even today in the persecuted church around the world? Where do the thoughts of a young couple go when they lose their baby?  What is God’s final answer to pain and suffering in this world? The answer to each of these questions is the same: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is what gives us hope.


4.14.19  RISEN:  "What Are They Wearing in Heaven?"

1 Corinthians 15:35-49

We believe that we will be raised from the dead. But, what will it be like? What will our resurrection body look like and feel like and what will we be able to do? Exactly what is it that they are wearing in heaven? 

4.7.19  RISEN:  "What Then...?"

1 Corinthians 15:20-34

When it comes to the resurrection, there are probably only two reasons why people would reject the resurrection. First, some reject it because nothing like it had ever happened before, and nothing has happened like it since. This is completely outside the realm of our experience. But there is another reason why people reject the resurrection. They know that if it is true, it changes everything. And it does. The resurrection changes everything.

3.31.19  RISEN:  "What If...?"

1 Corinthians 15:12-19

Asking “what if” questions about the past may seem like a frivolous exercise,a waste of time whose only value is entertainment. And yet many contend that the power of counterfactual thinking is that it forces us to step outside of our comfort zones to really grasp the importance of certain historical events. The Apostle Paul is going to guide us through some counterfactual thinking. It is counterfactual thinking about the most important event of history; the watershed moment of all time. What if Jesus wasn’t raised from the dead? What if Jesus died; and stayed dead? 

3.24.19  RISEN:  "Prove It!!!"

1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Christianity rises and falls on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But is it true? Paul says this is the most important fact in all of history, but is it true? We are called upon to stake our lives and our eternity on the resurrection, but is it true?

Questions We Shouldn't Ask; But We Do

3.17.19  God, How Can I Make It Through This?

Habakkuk 3

Yes, it is great to know that at some point, the glory of God will fill the whole earth. But sometimes as we wait for that to happen we wonder, "God, will I make it through this?"

3.10.19  God, Will You Ever Make It Right?

Habakkuk 2:4-20

To Habakkuk, it didn’t seem fair that God would destroy Israel and it didn’t seem fair that God would bless the Babylonians with their increase in power. It didn’t seem fair that bad things would happen to good people and good things would be happening to bad people. That leads Habakkuk to a third question. “God, will you ever make things right?” As we face injustices in life, we may be wondering the same.

3.3.19  God, Are You Really Fair?

Habakkuk 1:5-2:4

Habakkuk is considered to be a minor prophet; one of the twelve smaller books at the end of the Old Testament. But while he is a minor prophet he certainly dealt with some major issues. He asks questions which we have all wanted to ask God; questions which we have felt deeply within our heart of hearts, but questions which we feel uneasy bringing to God’s attention. In this section Habakkuk asks, “God, will You really be fair?”

2.24.19  Where Is God When I Need HIm?

Habakkuk 1:1-11

God likes to go off-road. This really shouldn’t surprise us when this happens in our personal lives. I mean all we have to do is look in the pages of Scripture. It seems as if God was constantly going off-road. Just when it seemed like people had God figured out, just when people thought they understood what God was doing, everything would change. Truth is, some lessons are only learned on the bumpy back roads of life.

What Does It Take To Be Holy?

2.17.19  Other Believers

Eph. 4:11-16

To be holy we need the truth. To be holy we need other believers, people who love us enough to tell us the truth. But do we want truth? Or are we like that scene in A Few Good Men, when Tom Cruise’s character says, “I want the truth.” And Jack Nicholson’s character responds, “You can’t stand the truth?”

2.3.19  Time & Trials

2 Cor. 4:7-9

It takes time and trials to be holy. This may be news to some of us. That’s because there is a teaching going around that if we are believers in Christ, everything should be going well with us. We should be healthy, even wealthy. Things should be going smoothly. We should be experiencing the blessing. But the truth is, the ways and working of God in our lives often involves hardships and difficulties.

1.27.19  Personal Commitment

1 Timothy 4:7-8; Romans 1:1-16

To be holy doesn’t just require the work of God and the word of God, it requires personal commitment. I suppose that if there is part of the process that goes missing, it is this one; stagnating this whole process and leaving us less useful to God than we ought to be.  To be holy requires personal commitment.  The problem is, sometimes we don’t commit, and sometimes we commitment to the wrong thing.

1.20.19  The Word of God

John 17:17

To be holy doesn’t just require the work of God, we also need the word of God.  You cannot be holy without the word of God.  God uses his word to accomplish his work in our lives.  Many, many times we experience the work of God through the word of God.  To be holy we need the word of God.  The good news is, we have his word, and the even better news is, Jesus is praying for you; that the word would make you holy. 

1.13.19  The Work of God

Phillipians 2:11-13

“What does it take to be holy?” First and foremost, holiness requires the work of God. To be holy requires the work of God. And the good news is, God has promised to work for your holiness. You see this amazing truth throughout the New Testament.

1.6.19  Be Holy, as I AM Holy?

Isaiah 6:1-8; 1 Peter 1:14-16

Before we can tackle the question, "What does it take to be holy?" we must first ask, "What does it mean?" and "Why in this world would I want to do that?" A long, slow look at Him helps to answer those questions.

1 THESSALONIANS: What To Do While We Are Waiting

12.30.18  Encouragement...While We are Waiting

1 Thes. 5:23-28

Waiting can be hard. Waiting for Jesus....even harder. As Paul finishes his letter known as 1 Thessalonians, he gives us three encouragements to help us as we wait for Christ to return.

12.16.18  Is It God or Gut?

1 Thes. 5:22-23

God has promised to lead us. He has given us the person of the Holy Spirit, and at times we feel his nudgings and sense his promptings. But how can we know for sure that we are indeed following the leading of the Spirit of God? And what are we to do when we do not hear his whisper?

12.9.18  Don't Put Out the Fire

1 Thes. 5:19-20

While it is theologically true that we will never live without the Spirit, practically aren’t there times when it seems like we are living that way? Don't we sometimes try to live without the Spirit? Doesn't it seem like there are times when if the Spirit was absent we wouldn't even know it? How many of us have the passion of David which cries out, "Oh God I need your Holy Spirit!" How many of us try to go through life on our own? Why do we try to live without the Spirit of God?

12.2.18  Pray....ALWAYS

1 Thes. 5:17

The Bible teaches persistence in prayer. Jesus taught it in Luke 18. Jesus practiced it. Remember in the Garden of Gethsemane? How many times did Jesus cry out. "Take this cup a way!"? In Luke 11 Jesus tells us to keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking. Never stop. Pray always.

11.18.18  Give Thanks....ALWAYS

1 Thes. 5:18

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! It is easy to give thanks while surrounded by family, eating delicious turkey and smelling pumpkin pie. But how can we give thanks always?


11.11.18  A Worthy Life     Will Watson

Colossians 1:9-15


12.29.19  20/20 Vison    Will Watson

Colossians 3:18-4:1



1 THESSALONIANS: What To Do While We Are Waiting

11.4.18  Rejoice....ALWAYS

1 Thes. 5:16

Recording starts at 13:40

Perhaps you have had experiences like me. You have felt stuck. You feel like you are spinning wheels and all that does is cause the axles to sink into knee-deep mud. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink. It's a cold rainy season in your Christian life. You say to yourself, “There must be some way to inject joy into my life. You preach to yourself and beat yourself over the head for being so joyless. You know that these moods are counter the kingdom. You know Satan loves this listless, unproductive time in your life.  And then you open up the Bible to a passage like 1 Thessalonians 5:16 where Paul writes, “Rejoice always.” And we wonder, "how in this world can I do that?"

10.28.18  Living Below with Saints We Know

1 Thes. 5:12-15

'Church' has fallen on hard times. People are de-selecting church at an astonishing rate. The question is, "What kind of a church are we to be while we are waiting?"

10.21.18  In Praise of Foolish Lovers

1 Thes. 5:1-11

Remember what it was like when you fell in love and you couldn't wait to just catch a glimpse of the love of your life? With that same expectancy and even more, we are to be longing to see Jesus.

10.14.18  Philadelphia

1 Thes. 4:13-18

It seems as if God has placed in our hearts a desire to fly. I think I know why. This is just a hunch. I can’t be dogmatic about it. It isn’t doctrine. It’s just a hunch. I have a hunch that the reason why we have this desire to fly is because we know that one day we will. One day, we will fly away.

10.7.18  Philadelphia

1 Thes. 4:9-12

Time and time again in this short, little 99-verse letter he reminds us that Jesus Christ is going to return. It is as if Paul is saying, “Remember what Jesus promised at the table? Remember he promised there will be a time when we will eat and drink with him in the kingdom? One glorious day he will come back for us!!! It will happen. But in the meantime, this is what you are to be doing while you are waiting. Love each other with an excellent love. This is what we are to be doing while we are waiting.

9.30.18  It's Not 'JUST' Sex

1 Thes. 4:1-8

We long for things to get better and better, yet Jesus warns us that won't happen. Things will get worse and worse. And so the question is, "What should we do while we are waiting in a culture that is getting worse and worse?" How can we live better and better in a world that is getting worse and worse?

9.23.18  Surpremacy of Christ

Colossians 1:1-8

In Colossians 1:1-8, we read about Paul greeting a people he has never met before.  Although this may sound strange, Paul expresses his love for them from what he has heard from his friend and fellow laborer Epahpras. For in this thankfulness, we see Paul point to three foundations in which his thankfulness comes from.   

1 THESSALONIANS: What To Do While We Are Waiting

9.16.18  Contagious

1 Thes. 3:11-13

In 1 Thes. 3:11-13, we read one of Paul’s prayers.  Wrapped up in this prayer is Paul's desire for God’s people to be contagious.  For in this prayer, we see three principles which we must hold on to if we are to contagiously infect those around us with a spiritual fever.  These are the same three principles that Paul touched on way back in 1:3. In 1:3 Paul had talked about the work of faith, the labor of love and the steadfastness of hope.  If we have this faith, love and hope, then we will have a contagious Christianity.

9.9.18  The Bandit of Joy

1 Thes. 3:6-10

Waiting isn't easy. It rarely is, especially for the believer waiting for Jesus. However, while waiting isn't easy, it doesn't have to be joyless.

9.2.18  Take Up Your Cross

1 Thes. 3:1-5

In 1 Thessalonians Paul tells us what we should be doing while we are waiting. As we wait, we must know that waiting isn’t easy. It never is. And it definitely won’t be for the believer. For while we are waiting, we can expect to experience difficulties. This is what we will see this morning in the first few verses of 1 Thessalonians 3. And yet, there is help when we feel the weight of the cross.



8.26.18  Getting Tripped Up While We Wait

1 Thes. 2:17-20

Chances are you use to be very useful to him. You were probably very active in his kingdom, without realizing it. You may have even influenced large number of people, without knowing it. But now that you are no longer in his kingdom, now that you are no longer active for him, he wants you back. Satan wants you back. And if Satan can’t have you back….which he can’t; he will do his best to stop you from doing anything worthwhile for the new kingdom that you are now part of.

8.19.18  How To Be A Hero

1 Thes. 2:13-16

Now I may not be a brain scientist or rocket surgeon, but even I can figure out that Paul is telling the first century believers that sometime something big is going to happen. Jesus is going to return just like he promised. And so Paul is writing to these believers encouraging them in what they should be doing while waiting for Jesus to return. If his words were good advice for these ancient folks, how much more important are these words for us, since we are closer to the time when Jesus will return.

8.12.18  How To Be A Hero

1 Thes. 2:1-12

What is it that makes someone a hero? What is it that causes him to rise above all else? What is it that separates him from the pack? Is it bravery? No. If it was bravery then only the soldier, fireman or policeman could be a hero. Is it great accomplishment and fame? No. None of the heroes in my life are famous. You wouldn’t know any of them. It seems to me that the number one characteristic of a hero is integrity. What is it that makes a man a hero in the business world? His integrity. What is it that makes a mom a hero with her kids? Her integrity. What is it that sets a young man or young woman apart from their peers? Integrity.


8.5.18  Faith,  Love & Hope

1 Thes. 1:1-10

When you are growing up physically there are markers. Maybe you did as a child what my parents often did with me. You stood with your back against a doorframe and they put a book on your head and a pencil mark on the wall. You stepped away and looked back and saw the progress. “Wow!!! Look how much you have changed in just the last month!” But what about spiritual growth? What are the qualities, the characteristics, the attributes that He is building into our lives? As we look at our own lives, and yes, as God looks at our lives what are those areas that are most important to evaluate in order to see progress?

ABRAHAM: Becoming a Friend of God

7.29.18  ABRAHAM:  Walking By Faith

Hebrews 11:8-18 

Sometimes after a death an autopsy may be performed. The coroner might even conduct an inquest after a death to determine what the cause of death was. Even if the body had been dead for years, it is still possible for the coroner to exhume the body, to examine it and find out the cause of death. Today we want to conduct post-mortem. Today we want to hold an inquest. Today we want to exhume Abraham, not to discover the cause of death, but to discover the cause of life. What is it that enable Abraham to live? What is it that enabled the ordinary man to do extraordinary things for God?

7.22.18  ABRAHAM:  Living Well...Dying Well

Genesis 25.1-11

Today we come to the end of Abraham's life.  Abraham was not only a man who lived by faith, but he was also a man who died by faith.  For as the writer to the Hebrews said, "He died in faith."  That is where we see Abraham today; still walking by faith, still heading to the top. He lived well and he died even better, because he died in faith, he died well.  He didn't go out with a whimper, he went out with a bang.  He didn't rust out, he didn't even wear out.

7.15.18  ABRAHAM:  The Bachelor

Genesis 24

In Genesis 24 we are swept up into a love story.   In this courtship we see the real rules.  We see God’s rules.  Not just God’s rules for capturing the heart of Mr. Right, but God’s rules for facing any major decision in life. 

7.8.18  ABRAHAM:  In Memorium

Genesis 23

Death is the last thing we talk about.  It makes us uneasy.  However, death is real.  Should the Lord tarry, it is coming.  The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.  We may be able to cheat on our taxes, but we can't cheat death; and so we might as well talk about it.

7.1.18  ABRAHAM:  God Will Provide

Genesis 22:15-24

As we walk by faith as friends of God we sacrifice our dearest and best. God asks nothing less of you and I than what he asked of Abraham. To give Him our dearest and our best. For Abraham, his dearest and best was Isaac. For us, our dearest and best may be a relationship, a job, a dream, a possession. But there is more. Not only does true faith give its dearest and best, but true faith waits on the provision of God. God will provide. God will live up to his name; Jehovah Jireh; God will provide.

6.24.18  ABRAHAM:  I Surrender All

Genesis 22:1-14

Time and time again throughout the pages of Scripture, all the way from Genesis to the maps, we see faithful believers being tested. In fact, it seems that being tested is the norm. And it seems that living a life of ease, without any difficulties, any trials, any tests is abnormal. Time and time again throughout all of Scripture, God tests his people. Is it any wonder that you and I go through difficulties?

6.17.18  ABRAHAM:  More Than Meets the Eye

Genesis 21:22-34

As Jesus said, "We are in the world, but not of it." We are indeed in the world. We cannot separate ourselves totally and completely from the world. Jesus doesn't want us to. We are to be salt in the world, and we are to be light in the world; close enough for people to taste and see. We are in the world, but we cannot be of the world. This world sits in the lap of the wicked one. This world is evil. This world is in an all-out conspiracy to thwart the plan of God at every turn. This world is control by Satan and his followers. We cannot be of the world.

Maybe we can gain some help from Abraham this morning. This morning Abraham drives his chariot into the land of the Philistines. On the back of Abraham’s chariot, right there just above the bumper is a stick figure fish. His Ichthus is showing as he moves around the land of the godless Philistines. 

6.10.18  ABRAHAM:  More Than Meets the Eye

Genesis 21:9-21

Cast out legalism.  Do not allow it to rob you of the blessing.  Do not allow it to put you in bondage.  Do not allow it to force you to live up to its standards.  Cast it out.  Just as Abraham had to cast out Hagar and Ishmael, so also legalism must be cast out.

6.3.18  ABRAHAM:  It's A Boy!!!

Genesis 21:1-8

Often we have to wait; and the wait can be anguishing. However, in the waiting we three truths about God; three characteristics of God; three ways in which we can expect God to act. And if we learn these three vitally important lessons about God, then we will live differently. Our lives will be changed.


5.13.18  ABRAHAM:  Deja Vu All Over Again

Genesis 20:1-18

Sometimes we do the very thing that we don't want to do. This is true of golfing, it's true of dieting, and unfortunately, it's true of a whole lot of other areas of sinning. We wish it weren't true. We wish there would come a time in our spiritual life when God would remove that battle, that struggle, that war from our souls, but it is always there.

In Genesis 20 we see that Abraham sinned in the exact same way he had sinned 25 years earlier. It was a case of deja vu all over again.

5.6.18  ABRAHAM:  Let's NOT Make a Deal

Genesis 19:30-38

Sometimes compromising is the right thing to do.  Wisdom would tell us to sit down and to talk and make a deal.  But then there are the other times; the times when it is wrong.  These are the times when we must draw a line and say, "I will not, I cannot, and I shall not cross this line.  I will not discuss it.  I will not compromise.  It's no deal."  One skill we must develop in becoming friends of God is knowing when not to compromise.  Sadly, it was a lesson Lot never learned.   Even more sadly, his compromising affected more people in more ways than anyone could ever imagine.


4.29.18  ABRAHAM:  Come, Look at Sodom

Genesis 19:15-29

Life is full of warning signs.  They are all around us.  This is true of the Bible too.  The Bible is full of warning signs; especially the Old Testament.  The Old Testament is one warning sign after another telling us to be careful as we walk this walk of faith.  The Old Testament is a series of billboards posted along the walk of faith telling us to watch out.  In Genesis 19 we look at one of the biggest warning signs in all of the Bible.  It is the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

4.15.18  ABRAHAM:  A Lot Like Lot

Genesis 19:1-14

Whether you have been to church 1 time or a 1,000 times you have heard about Sodom and Gomorrah.  What really happened there, and what does it have to do with us today? 

ONE Sunday 4.8.18 

Acts 2:42

It is about far more than just going to church; it's being the church.  What kind of church do we want to be?

EASTER 2018  The Case for the Resurrection

Acts 26

Some are convinced. Some are curious. All must decide. Was Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead? In a legal hearing, four proofs for the resurrection are presented.

Power of the Cross

3.25.18  Boasting in the Cross

1 Corinthians 1:16-31

Because of the cross, we are people that God delights in using.  In fact, God takes a lot of pride in using the likes of you and me. Our power does not lie in where we came from, who we knew, what we had then. Our strength, our distinctiveness is in what God makes of us through the message of the cross.  Made righteous, made holy, redeemed by Christ and the Cross.  Foolish, weak and lowly people used by God to shame this world.

3.18.18  The Wisdom of the Cross

1 Corinthians 1:18-25

Stephen Hawking and Billy Graham die a month apart. Is there a greater contrast between the foolishness of this world and the wisdom of God? 

3.11.18  United by the Power of the Cross

1 Corinthians 1:1-17

There is more to the cross than just being the place where Christ died that death-defying death.  The Apostle Paul speaks of the cross in terms of ‘the power of the cross’.  Yes, what Christ accomplished on the cross was powerful, and it was more…so much more than just forgiving us of our sins.  Part of the power of the cross is that it unifies us as people who have been forgiven.

ABRAHAM: Becoming a Friend of God

3.4.18  ABRAHAM:  Living as a Friend of God

Genesis 18:16-33

Three times Abraham is called "A friend of God." Amazing. Can you imagine having that as the epitaph engraved into the granite of your headstone? “Here lies a friend of God.” Even more amazing, can you imagine hearing that whisper of God, "This is Steve, my friend. This is Isabel, my friend. This is Carlos, my friend. This is; put your name in the blank; my friend." Abraham's friendship did not develop overnight. The best friendships never do. So to with us, as we walk with God we will hear His whisper.

2.25.18  ABRAHAM:  Life is Full of Surprises

Genesis 18:1-15

Life is full of surprises! Isn't it? And isn't this what makes life fun, exciting, interesting and at times intense? Don't these surprises give spice and variety to an otherwise dull, boring and monotonous life? But imagine this surprise. Imagine God showing up and saying, "Let's do lunch!"


2.18.18  ABRAHAM:  lol

Genesis 17

Hebrews tells us that Jesus is praying for you and for me. He is ever interceding. And do you know what he is praying. Well in John 15:11 we see that one of the requests He is praying for over and over again is that His joy might be in you and me and that our joy might be full. That it might be full. To be full means that there isn't any room for any more. We've topped the tank off. You can't but another ounce or another drop in. It's filled to the brim. It's full. Has Jesus's prayer for you to be filled totally and completely been answer, or is there room for more joy? If you, like me, desire more joy, then maybe this chapter in Abraham's life is for you.

2.11.18  ABRAHAM:  Wait on the Lord

Genesis 16

Waiting is hard for us. We are Americans. We forge our own destiny. More than just being Americans, we are Texans. We have a reputation for being innovators and entrepreneurs. We are known for handling situations on our own. When a Hurricane blows in, we don’t wait for the Federal Government we handle it on our own. We have heard our parents and on employers say to us, “Don’t just stand there; do something.” And yet sometimes it is as if God is saying, “Don’t just do something; stand there. Wait. Wait. Wait.” And that waiting can be so hard, because we begin to wonder, “Does God hear me? Does he see me?”

2.4.18  ABRAHAM:  A Bout with Doubt

Genesis 15

One of the consequences of being a finite human being who cannot possibly understand an infinite God is that we doubt. One of the consequences of living in this world; a world in which we are constantly attacked by Satan and his minions, by those who are opposed to Christ and by our own flesh is that we doubt. I doubt if there is anyone who can say that they have never doubted God.

1.28.18  ABRAHAM:  Out On a Limb

Genesis 14

God has worked in us so that he can work through us. To walk by faith means more than just believing God. Sometimes we have to act on that belief....and that is when things can get very risky.

1.21.18  ABRAHAM:  The Grass Is Always Greener...or Is It?

Genesis 13

If the World Book Encyclopedia is correct in telling us that "the eye tells us more about the world around us than any other of our senses," then we are in trouble; big trouble.  You see, our eyes deceive us; they lie to us.  Our eyes try to make us believe illusions that are as far away from the truth as you can get.  Maybe that is why the Bible tells us we are to walk by faith and not be sight.

1.14.18  ABRAHAM:  When the Going Gets Tough...

Genesis 12:10-13:4

Lurking behind every spiritual mountain top is a valley.  But not matter how deep, dark and distant that valley is, God provides a way for us to return to His presence.

1.7.18  ABRAHAM:  The G.O.A.T.

Genesis 12:1-9

Abraham had a simple claim to fame.  His claim to fame was something that you and I can do.  What was Abraham's claim to fame?  Faith.  Nothing but faith.  Pure and simple faith.  His faith, though imperfect, made him great.  And you and I have everything that Abraham had.  In fact we have more than Abraham ever dreamed of having, to make us men and women of faith.  Men and women who are friends of God because we believe God.

12.31.17  The Grasshopper Complex

Numbers 13:25-14:20

Sometimes, the greatest opportunities are brilliantly disguised as an impossibility.  At those times, fear holds us back.  Fear keeps us from pursuing and enjoying an opportunity that God may have brought our way.  The cure for that kind of fear is faith.  The children of Israel learned this when they were camped on the edge of an uncertain future.  As we are at the start of a New Year; we need to learn it as well.


12.17.17  What Does Jesus Think About Christmas 

Hebrews 10:5-7

I suppose different people see Christmas in different ways.   There are certainly Scrooges wonder, “Why all of the fuss and extravagance?” And there are lyrical souls who think it is the most wonderful time of the year.  However, what we is important isn't what we think about Christmas.  What we need to know is, "What does Jesus think about Christmas?"

RECONNECTING: Hearing God's Call in Malachi

12.10.17  A Call to Believe it is Worth It  

Malachi 3:13-4:6

"Why should I make sacrifices for him?  Why should I reconnect?"  If we do not have a satisfactory answer to that question we will never reconnect.  Or, we might even be in danger of disconnecting.


12.3.17  A Call to Trust God  

Malachi 2:17-3:12

Can I trust God? Can I trust God to be fair? Can I trust him to be faithful? If I am going to take a risk for God and break free from my comfort zone, can I count on God? Is He fair? Will He be faithful? I know that these are two questions to which we say, 'Yes' in our minds. But deep in our heart of hearts, do we believe it? 

11.26.17  A Call to Be Faithful  

Malachi 2:10-16

What is the number one characteristic that God desires us to develop in our lives? What does God want most in our lives? What spiritual trait; what sign of spiritual maturity does He most desire us to focus on? It may be an impossible question to answer, but wrestle with it a little bit. Could it be that He is calling us to be faithful?

11.12.17  A Call to Love God Totally  

Malachi 2:1-9

Is there call going out for people who will honor God? Is there a call going out for God's people to be authentic? Is God calling us to love him totally; to take decisive action in confronting sin and in standing for his glory. Do you hear his call; his call to love him totally?

11.5.17  101 Things To Do During a Dull Sermon  

Malachi 1:6-14

There may be 101 things we can do for an occasional dull worship service, but the Spirit of God through Malachi gives us two things we must do when every worship is dull and every sermon is dry. If we ever find ourselves just going through the motions without any heart, there is something we must do.

10.29.17  Responding to God's Love  

Malachi 1:1-5

Chances are, some of you might feel disconnected. Disconnected from the church, disconnected from the past when you felt so fulfilled serving God, and maybe even disconnected from God. Is there a way to reconnect? (Sermon starts at 10:00 minutes)


10.22.17  Seeing, Believing, Obeying  

Mark 10:32-52

Something in this ramshackle, ragamuffin band of believers who are trying their best to follow Jesus. We are busy, busy, busy, doing what we think we need to do to do church-- and yet the world around us seems genuinely bored with what we are doing. In fact it is as if from time to time the world wanders in, gets bored, and then goes out for a sip or a smoke.  Something is missing. Something big. And it is no fault of the leader of the band. No, there is no error in his message or mediocrity in his music. It is no fault of his. Then the fault must be with the world… or with us. Probably both. We bear some of the responsibility for the world wandering in and out, mostly going out for a sip or a smoke.

But what is missing?

10.8.17  What Does Jesus Say about Divorce

Mark 10:1-12

God hates divorce. And those who have been divorced understand that better than anyone. But understand why God hates it. It is not because God hates divorced people--He doesn’t! He hates what divorce does to His people. You have the scars. Your children have the scars. You know what it does. God hates divorce because He loves you.


10.1.17  Peaks & Valleys

Mark 9:30-50

We are on our trip.  We are on our trip to paradise.  We are going to heaven.  We are all in line behind our leader; following king Jesus.  But how many time do the followers of Jesus begin bickering with each other?  It is possible that our trip to paradise can become frazzling because our relationships with other believers are not unified and harmonious as they should be?

9.24.17  Peaks & Valleys

Mark 8:30-9:29

In many ways, these verses describes much of my spiritual life. No, I usually do not encounter demon possessed people; although I have on many occasions. That’s not the part of the story that is like me. The part of the story that’s like me is the spiritual life seems filled with highs and lows; mountain top experiences and the discouraging events in the valley below. The question is, "How can we bring the power of spiritual mountain tops into the problems we face in the plains of life.

9.10.17  Deja Vu All Over Again

Mark 7:31-8:29

It's amazing the places where people think they see Jesus. Just google 'Jesus sightings' ad you will see all kinds of pictures. It's silly when people see Jesus where he isn't. But it is even more tragic not to see Jesus when he's right before our eyes, because Jesus must be seen to be believed.

THE SEARCH: A Study of Ecclesiastes & Life

9.3.17  The Search for True North

Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

There is one best way to keep from getting lost on our search through life. The best way to keep from getting lost is to have that reference point. It is to have that true north. It is that point that orients us, directs us, guides us. As long as we have true north in our sight, we will not get lost.

8.20.17  The Search for Good Times

Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8

Live life to the fullest; but do not be fooled by life!  God has given us permission to enjoy life as much as we can, but life has a couple of ways of tricking us.   The truth is, believers in Jesus ought to be the most adventurous, enthusiastic, joyous people, but too often we are too sad and too serious.

8.13.17  The Search for Adventure

Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

Life is risky business. Often we find ourselves at the edge of an uncertain future. Should I give her the ring? What should my major be? Who should my fantasy football quarterback be? So many risks. Well Solomon gives a challenge. Solomon will say, "Jump! I double-dog dare you!"

8.6.17  The Search for a Wisdom

Ecclesiastes 9:11-10:20

It is better to be wise than to be foolish. While being wise doesn’t give us immunity from experiencing hard times, if we are foolish we are most certainly headed for trouble. In Ecc 9:11-10:20, Solomon the Wise is going to give us some caricatures of fools. Hopefully none of these caricatures will describe you.  Life is risky business. Often we find ourselves at the edge of an uncertain future. Should I give her the ring? What should my major be? Who should my fantasy football quarterback be? So many risks. Well Solomon gives a challenge. Solomon will say, "Jump! I double-dog dare you!"

7.30.17  The Search for a Trophy Wife

Ecclesiastes 9:1-10

God wants us to live a rewarding life, even if we cannot figure out all of the mysteries of life. In fact, God may have already given you an incredible reward in life. In Ecc 9:1-10 as we continue on The Search, we are going to search for our reward in life.

7.16.17  The Search for Justice-Part 2

Ecclesiastes 8

Eat, drink and be merry.....even when life is unfair. Solomon doesn't always give us the answers we want, but he does give us the help we need so that we can enjoy life even when life simply isn't fair.

7.9.17  The Search for Justice-Part 1

Ecclesiastes 7:15-27

Life isn't fair. And when it isn't, we want answers. The bad news is, if you are looking for clear, concise answers from Solomon you will be sadly disappointed. Solomon doesn’t exactly dodge the question. What he does do is say, “I feel your pain. I understand your confusion.” While he may not give us answers, he does give us help when life is simply not fair.


6.25.17  The Search for Balance

Ecclesiastes 7:1-14

Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out the way we expect.  Sometimes things you expect to be nothing but delightful turn into disasters, and at other times disasters turn into surprisingly delightful experiences. What are we to think and who are we to trust in these ups and downs of life?  How do we maintain our balance when life seems to constantly throw us off balance?

6.18.17  The Search for Satisfaction

Ecclesiastes 6

Perhaps what has happened is we have followed this world’s formula for the good life, only to discover that formula doesn’t work.  If that has happened to you, if you have been following the world's formula for the good life only to discover that it hasn’t worked, then you are in a good place.  You are at a place where you may be open to see God’s formula for the good life.

6.11.17  The Search for Satisfaction

Ecclesiastes 5:8-20

Our days are marked by picking them up and putting them down as fast as we can.  We have leashed ourselves to money, or maybe money has leashed itself to us, and off we go at a frantic, non-stop pace--picking them up and putting them down as fast as we can; chasing after what we think will bring us satisfaction.  It’s time we learn another way to live.

6.4.17  The Search for His Presence

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

Our lives are filled with noise, hurry and crowds. And because of all the noise, hurry and crowds, there is a casualty. Something, someone goes missing. Something, someone is squeezed out. Because of the noise, hurry and crowds we often miss The Presence.

5.28.17  The Search for a Better Way to Live

Ecclesiastes 4

Like the story of Frankenstein, in this passage we will look at a man who woke up one day and realized that he was destroying himself by chasing monsters. His name is Solomon. And as he writes these words in Scripture, Solomon is going to ask us to consider what we are chasing. He is going to probe into our lives to see if in fact we have become enslaved in our lives. And he is going to ask us, “Isn’t there a better way to live?”

5.14.17  The Search for Joy

Ecclesiastes 3

Solomon leads us on a search for understanding.  Since there is a God, since there is more to life than just what is under the sun, how can we make sense of life when things are going the way we think they should be going.  It is the search for understanding when life can be very, very confusing.


5.7.17  The Search for Joy

Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:26

We are on a search for joy.  But something has gone wrong.  In our search for this increased joy, something has gone horribly wrong so that when we pursue the things that we think will result in increased joy, we in fact end up frustrated.  We don’t get what we think we are getting.

4.30.17  The Search for Meaning

Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

This morning we are going to start on a journey. But I must warn you, at times it will feel like a journey without a map; you will feel like you are aimlessly wandering around; you may even feel lost. There may be times when you will wonder if the search will ever end. We are going to go on a journey through life with a man as he tries to answer the age old question, “What is the meaning of life?”

4.16.17  Easter  

Luke 23:50-24:12

There are two reasons why people reject the resurrection despite the overwhelming evidence for it. Some reject it because it had never happened before or since. Others reject it because they know that if it is true, it changes everything.

OUR FATHER:  Praying the Way Jesus Taught Us

A Six Week Series Examing the Lord's Prayer    

Matthew 6:9-13

"Our Father":  As Jesus teaches us to pray, the first truth essential He wants us to understand is that prayer that works is based on relationship.

"Hallowed Be Thy Name":  As Jesus teaches us to pray in a way that works, He tells us we are to "Hallow his name." 'Hallow' is one of those church words we may or may not understand. But understanding it makes all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to praying.

"Thy Kingdom Come":  As Jesus teaches His disciples to pray, He teaches us to live as kingdom people in a kingdom that has run amuck.

"Thy Will Be Done":  As was said 150 years ago, "Too often when we pray, we want our will to be done in heaven rather than His will to be done on earth." As Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray, He teaches us about the hardest prayer we may ever have to pray.

"Our Daily Bread":  Here's a question. God has promised to supply all of our needs, right? Then why does Jesus tells us to pray for 'our daily bread'? Why do we have to pray for what God has already promised?


"Forgive Us":  "How can I forgive them? You do not know how much they hurt me!" And yet if we are going to pray in a way that works, we must be forgiving. As we bathe in His forgiveness of us, we will be able to give others

"Lead Us":  As children we were taught to pray for protection. "Now I lay me down to sleep..." And now that we realize that our world is even more dangerous than we could have ever imagined as a child, now we need to pray for protection more than ever.