Mission & Vision

The Mission

Jesus made it very clear as to what His followers were suppose to be doing.  "Go and make disciples (Mt 28:19)."  We want to take Jesus seriously.  Therefore, our mission is to make disciples who make disciples; just like He said.
Most of us are probably intimidated by that word 'disciple', because we know how imperfect we are.  Join the club!  We picture Peter preaching to 1,000's; but we forget about Peter cowering before a servant girl.  We remember them going boldly into towns and villages talking about Jesus; but we forget about them doubting Him in the middle of the storm.  Just read the Gospels and you will see that the 12 who walked with Jesus for over 3 years ended up being very flawed; just like us; and still God used them.
Even with our flaws and failures we can strive to follow after Him, trying to influence others to do the same.

The Vision

There are a number of ways in which churches can make disciples who make disciples.  For Bayshore, we believe God has called us to do this by connecting people to the Word of God and the People of God. This is what the early church did.  In Acts 2:42 we are told that the believers "devoted themselves to the Apostles' teaching...and to the fellowship of believers."  That's the Word of God and the People of God.  It worked well for those early beleivers.  They were able to change the world and form the most incredible force this world has ever seen; the Church of Jesus Christ!

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